The first week

These pictures were taken during their first week after birth.

Click on the small picture to see the full version, or click here to see all the big pictures at once.
Twins on the bed Jacob (left) and Shana (right) are carefully posed for a group shot.
Twins propped by Terry Here they are with even more posing help by Daddy.
Foot size comparison This is even more impressive when you realize that the adult is comparatively small (Amy is only 5'1"), and the infant is relatively big (that's Jacob's feet; Shana is much smaller).
Jacob almost naked Jacob demonstrates his future as a fashion model.
Shana asleep Shana here shows me why my mother said she always loved us best when we were asleep.
Jacob Jacob doesn't seem to mind being photographed when held by his Daddy.
Shana Shana has a different opinion.

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